Secondary Education

Under Control

Recent projects have included working with 5 local high schools and over 1000 Yr6 pupils in a project in partnership with Wakefield Healthy schools Under Control

"It was a fabulous event and let me know when the next one might be, because we will definitely want to take part." Lorna Gosling - Head of Drama St Thomas a Beckett school on "Under Control"

Anger and Temper Management

We have just completed a six week Anger and Temper management programme at Carlton High School. The programme has proved to be an excellent way of allowing Yr 7 and 8 pupils the opportunity to explore their reaction to situations and devise effective strategies to cope with difficult circumstances.


Another project we have been running in secondary schools recently is "Missing" an active learning day where participants develop their skills in peer tutoring.

"Missing, exceeded our expectations and gave us some ideas to work with in the future. We saw several students make a real contribution - students who usually keep really quiet - we were moved to tears! It inspired us - students mixed with others they usually wouldn\'t speak to!" Dawn Robinson - Horbury High School