Yew-Tree training

Yew Tree use drama and active learning methods to train people within their working environment. From presentation skills to conflict resolution we have created courses to suit a wide variety of needs. The key to Yew Tree training is a form of forum theatre, a technique that allows people to explore practically all aspects of a situation to find the most effective strategies.

Each Yew Tree training package is created in partnership with the company. We do not offer 'off the shelf' training packages. This means that each Yew Tree training event meets the specific needs of the client.

One example of Yew Tree training is our work with the staff of St Annes community housing association. Over the last 18 months we have run courses reaching over 200 members of staff. Our work has been to enhance and develop the theoretical training that staff have received.

Diversity In association with St Annes -Yew Tree devised four scenarios that explore significant aspects of diversity in relation to the work of St Annes. These issues include bullying, mental health, sexual orientation and religious background. The day allows St Annes employees to explore different ways of dealing with these issues in their working environments.

"Sarah was insightful - an excellent teacher - interaction at all levels."
"The drama group were brilliant, enjoyable and stimulating and meant I learnt."
St. Annes employees regarding Diversity Training.

"Yew Tree’s support in liaising with a number of senior managers (including a non-executive director) was invaluable. In particular the Yew Tree’s team’s enthusiasm, tenacity, resilience and creativity coupled with an ability to work within the confines and parameters of a large, complex public healthcare provider were exceptional. 

Karen Vella, Head of Organisational and Employee Development Mid NHS Trust

"Debate, the conflict of ideas, dialectics, argument, and counter-argument - all this stimulates, arouses, enriches and prepares the spectator (participant) for action in real life"
Augusto Boal on forum theatre (Games for actor and non-actors).